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Chinese Herbal Remedies

Chinese herbal formulas, are considered real medicine in China.

The formulas are balanced recipes that balance yin/yang, qi & blood, excess conditions and deficiencies.

In China the true doctors are the herbalists, not one that merely practices acupuncture.

While interning in China, Renea observed the herbal preparations being used in a hospital as part of the treatment plan.

In this hospital the medicine room consisted of a huge cooking island that contained approximately 200 soft touch acupuctureboiling pots of raw herbs.

On the end of the handle of each of the pots was a clip with the doctors herbal formula recipe and preparation instructions, patient name and room number.

After the recipe (actually called a decoction) was prepared properly, the dregs of the raw herbs were removed, and the remaining liquid formula dispensed to the individual patients in the hospital rooms.

In the pharmacy of the clinic at Guanzhou University, the area was divided between pharmaceuticals of Western medicine and on the other side of the room was the dispensary for the TCM raw herbal formulas.

Both the Western pharmaceutical area and the TCM herbal area had about 25 patient windows available to accommodate patients. The Western medicine area had about 2-3 people waiting for their drugs.

The TCM herbal counter had every one of the 25 patient windows about 15 people deep at each window, waiting for their formulas. The herbs are dispensed in their raw form: leaves, bark, twigs etc with written instructions for preparation.

To accommodate the lifestyle of the western patients, Renea has formulas available in pill form. However, before dispensing any Chinese formula Renea requires a full list of prescriptions and over the counter medications and supplements - to avoid any possible negative interactions.