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L. A. Therapy®

Laser Acupuncture Therapy is a unique system of treatment blending the use of a Class IV FDA approved laser technology with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture points, as well as Japanese acupuncture tools, to speed or enhance the body's ability to heal itself.

How is this done?

The laser is guided along specific meridian pathways, followed by acupuncture points using acupuncture needles. The needles are then connected via the meridian pathways with Dr. Manaka's cords. The cords do not have an electrical source to them, they accentuate the body's own energy along the meridian pathways.

What kind of illness or treatment pattern is most useful with L.A. Therapy?

L.A. Therapy is most often used in chronic or acute pain conditions.

How many treatments are needed?

L.A. Therapy seems to greatly reduce the number of treatments needed. Typically acupuncture alone will require a minimum of 10-12 treatments. With L.A. Therapy it is suggested to plan on 4-6 treatments. Although many patients report needing only 2-3 treatments.

How long will the pain relief last?

That varies per individual both in lifestyle and health history. It is advised for patients that have experienced pain relief from L.A. Therapy with just a few treatments, to be aware of reoccurring pain. In other words, if the pain starts to come back , make an appointment soon so that only one or two treatments would be needed to gain relief.

Soft Touch Acupuncture has been using L.A. Therapy since Jan '08. In that time span many patients have experienced surprising relief with only 2-3 treatments. The staff has kept in communication with those patients on a monthly basis, and those patients have not reported a reoccurrence of the original pain level.

Is there a guarantee?

No, the results cannot be guaranteed.

Does insurance cover L.A. Therapy?

You would need to check with your insurance carrier. Most often insurance companies do not cover acupuncture or any type of laser therapy. Upon payment of services, the patient may request a standard insurance form - called a Superbill - to send to the insurance carrier to apply toward a wellness or cafeteria plan.


There are two fee schedules:

$75 for the first visit which includes a TCM evaluation, Report of Findings, and L.A. Therapy. Successive visits would be $60.

PAIN ONLY TREATMENT- $60: this would include L.A. Therapy only, no TCM evaluation or Report of Findings